Our Why

We empower individuals to trust their inner source of creativity and use their unique inborn gifts, inspiring them to collaborate in making our world a more peaceful and joyful place for all.


Do you want to joyfully express your passions and inner gifts?

At Miruna Inspire, we are committed to empower you to be creative for the highest good of all.

We’re here to inspire to dare to dream big and move that dream into action.

World changers

Looking to express your life mission freely and feel more joy and creativity as you take intuitive actions ? We’re here to inspire and support you on this exciting journey.


Looking to bring more cohesion, collaboration and creativity to your teams? We’d love to help you achieve that though art, play, and conscious communication.

SoulBiz Blueprint

This tailored program for entrepreneurs provides the tools to understand their target audience, develop a distinctive service offering aligned with their mission, and overcome obstacles such as fear of rejection, judgment, and self-doubt, enabling them to define their purpose, create a meaningful service, and succeed with confidence.
Duration: 7 weeks
Registration period: from September 8th, 2023 to October 27th, 2023

About Us

Created in 2022, Miruna Inspires offers a range of coaching and support services for organizations and individuals wishing to bring out their most compassionate creative ideas and turn them into world changing actions.

With more than 17 years of professional experience in leading organizations (Entreprendre Ici, AMEIPH, CACI, Saint-Laurent Volunteer Action Center), Miruna Nica, the founder, has acquired solid management experience in organizations, human resources and social projects.


“Amazing experience, beyond my expectations, Miruna offered us so much more. I had no idea of all her abilities, experience and background. A pleasure to work together, she has many strings to her bow.”



‘I give a rating of 10/10. I opened my heart so that I no longer hide behind my mask as if everything was fine. I see and apprehend events differently and above all put an end to self-sabotage and self-judgment. With the tools she offers during the sessions, she brings out our wounds (even those buried that we are no longer aware of) in order to free and heal them. Be ready to step out of comfort zones in order to live life to the full without fear.”

E.K., Professional


“I would like to say a huge thank you to Miruna. Her consulting and coaching services have made me evolve as an individual and as a business leader. 
Her energy and good humor are contagious. Having this service brings you to another level, my turnover increased, as well as my self-esteem. I loved my experience and I recommend it to everyone.”
Emmanuella Darline, Owner of Swen Privée