About us: a journey inspired by love and service

About the founder


From an early age, Miruna felt that she was born to bring more love, knowledge and support to the people around her instinctively.

It is from her inner quest for higher truth and a deeper understanding of human nature that she was led to connect with people from all walks of life.
Over the years, she has supported them in their own quests to become happier and healthier. And because of this, Miruna Inspires was born.

Today, she pours this inspiration into the mission and actions of Miruna Inspires.


Our Story

Created in 2022, Miruna Inspires offers a range of coaching and support services for organizations and individuals wishing to pour love into everything they do and work together to make the world a better place for all.

With more than 17 years of professional experience in leading organizations (Entreprendre Ici, AMEIPH, CACI, Saint-Laurent Volunteer Action Center), Miruna Nica, the founder, has acquired solid management experience organizations and human resources.

Strongly inspired by a spiritual awakening in 2010, she accompanies companies and individuals wishing to use their gifts to co-create a better world for all. Professional coach certified in professional and personal coaching (Accredited Coaching Training Program) from the University of Concordia, Miruna Nica, holds a Certificate of Professional Specialization in Business Launching and a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Sociology, Minor Human relations.


Each year, we support organizations, initiatives and professionals by offering consulting services and pro bono logistical support. This year, we are supporting 2 ARTpreneurs and emerging artists, as well as MURR International, a charity specializing in social and humanitarian programs, as part of the search for sponsorships and funding for the International Gospel Festival in Montreal.



Our Values


Integrity – Integrity confirms that honesty and absolute probity are the founding pillars of our corporate culture.


Conscientious and responsible, we promote mutual commitment &reciprocal in order to guarantee optimal customer satisfaction!


Just like Maya Angelou “we believe that courage is the most important of all virtues. Because without courage, we cannot
practice any other virtue consistently”


Particularly precious to us, benevolence guides
all of our daily actions and interactions with our employees, customers, and partners.