SoulBiz Blueprint

A program offered by
Miruna Inspires

SoulBiz Blueprint

Whether you’re new to the biz game or a seasoned pro, this program’s like your tailor-made suit.

If emotions are wrestling with you, your service offer isn’t crystal clear yet, but your heart’s belting out “Let’s create!” in alignment with your soul’s purpose, this program is your spirit’s ultimate high-five. 🚀🎉

Who is this program for?

The genuine and passionate entrepreneur who strives to transform their inspiring ideas and identity into profitable actions that create a significant impact.

By the end of this program, we aim that you:

Be clear on who you serve, why you serve them and identify how your greatest gifts can respond to their greater needs

Build a unique service offer, aligned with your highest mission

Integrate the most efficient tools to break though the fear of rejection, judgment and not being good enough

Dare to create your own way of doing business in 7 weeks!

WEEK 1: Group session – October 28th
Identify your ultimate energy source, your WHY, your gifts and your story

WEEK 2: Group session – November 4th
All about your customer’s dreams and pains

WEEK 3: Group session – November 11th
Identify & validate your customer’s needs

WEEK 4 : Individual sessions – November 17th & 18th
Compare the identified needs with the research

WEEK 5 : Group session – November 25th
Create & validate your unique service offer

WEEK 6 : Group session – December 2nd
Fears & blockages: energy tools for emotional and mental freedom

WEEK 7 : Individual sessions – December 8th & December 9th
Your personal tools for Emotional Freedom

Cohort dates

From October 28th to December 9th | 5 Group sessions Saturdays from 9h à 11:30h

2 individual co-creation sessions | Virtual format

Weekly audio chek-ins to keep you on track

Duration: 7 weeks

More info

Registration period: from September 8th, 2023 to October 27th, 2023

Note: This program is offered in an individual format year-round for those seeking more personalized one-on-one support.

Sneak peak of some fun docs that we’ll use