Turning lower emotions into proactive actions

Has it ever happened to you to get so frustrated that you feel you cannot bounce back into your proactive planned actions?

We hear you. It sometimes happens that a person has suppressed emotions for so long that the ensuing energy turns into a block on the path to a more creative, light and authentic light. (light or life?)

That is an example of how energy can work against you.

The great news is that there is a Light Solution for this. We like to call it “the energy turnaround”. The invitation is as follows: whenever you feel a ‘stuck’ or ‘low’ or ‘heavy’ energy anywhere in your body, instead of suppressing it, express it – consciously. Allow yourself to feel it, then let it out in the healthiest way possible by redirecting it towards either a proactive or
creative action instead of a destructive action.

Here are some examples of energy turnaround:

Proactive action: Redirecting the energy into cleaning your house, organizing your desk or your inbox.

Creative action: Giving yourself a couple of minutes to dance, draw, sing or write about it (perhaps consider drafting an article about it!)

Destructive action: Continuing to either suppress your emotions while forcing yourself into work that you are not willing nor inspired to take. This results in creating a negative downward spiral which will suck all the energy out of you for the day.

So, tell us: how will you choose to practice your energy turnaround today? Please feel free to try the suggestions above and tell us all about it!

Thank you for sharing and practicing this precious information with your community. We’d like to acknowledge the marvelous creatives who have inspired us to write this article today, as well
as a most cherished teacher that has inspired our team for decades – Master Eckhart Tolle. Here is what he shares with us all on the management of emotions: